One in a Million: 10 Week Challenge

One in a Million: 10 Week Challenge Workbook and Life Log eBook Set

As you browse through the majority of self-improvement courses on the market today, you will find that most of them are filled with sophisticated information and terminology. Even though their basic concepts and ideas may be valuable, the righteous pie in-the sky manner in which these programs are usually presented makes them difficult to apply in the real world.

This is one reason why the One in a Million 10 Week Challenge is so different. It was developed by individuals who have been there, done it, and struggled up the ladder of success, so you can avoid the struggles yourself.

Ask yourself this question: Would you want to discover how to make some minor changes in the way you do things for the next 10 weeks in order to…

  • Be happier?
  • Make more money?
  • Lose weight?
  • Own something that you have always wanted?
  • Overcome past difficulties?
  • Get that perfect job or career?
  • Be a better spouse, parent, or friend?
  • Improve your wealth?
  • Accomplish your dreams?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (and we know you did), then you are ready to take the One in a Million 10 Week Challenge to start pursuing your goals!

It is our sincere goal to help YOU realize your dreams. But it is your job to follow the program we created for you. Throughout this program, we will reinforce the reality that achieving “success” in life has nothing to do with how academically smart you are, where you come from socially, or even what you are doing right now.

All that matters from this point on is that you come to grips with WHO you are, WHERE you are, and HOW you became the person you are today. This workbook and life log digital eBook set will show you a systematic approach for changing the course of your life, and will act as a blueprint to guide you around the pitfalls that keep most of us from achieving our dreams!

It’s been more than 25 years that Legacy Education first created opportunities for people to learn how to build wealth and create a Legacy for themselves. We have held trainings around the world with over 5 million students wanting financial education. One in a Million: 10 Week Challenge Workbook and Life Log eBook set is a great starting point for anyone wanting to take control of their future.


This download includes 1 file containing both eBooks: Workbook & Life Log.

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