Mobile Homes


Mobile homes and RV parks can provide cash fl ow and development opportunities where you might least expect them.

From single units to parks, there is something for every level of investor to take away and implement immediately into their plans.

Truly, mobile homes represent some of the most unique opportunities within the field of real estate investing. Much more than “just trailers,” they can produce both significant cash fl ow and property ownership.

Course Objectives:
  • Review the different types of manufactured housing and the terms and definitions important to this area of investing
  • Explore how to find, fund, fix and cash fl ow individual mobile home units for great ROI
  • Dispel the negative stigma and stereotypes that surround manufactured housing
  • Analyze a market to determine your primary buyer and/or renter as well as the correct products for the market
  • Discuss rehabbing, moving, and setting up a mobile home with a focus on reducing the costs and risks involved while maximizing the return on money spent
  • Build your rehab resource list by searching online for parts and supplies and locating local service providers
  • Learn how to uncover a seller’s motivation
  • Make practice calls to potential sellers to build your confidence
  • Conduct a cash fl ow analysis to determine potential return before you invest
  • Create marketing pieces that target specific customers
  • Identify key due diligence items before offering and closing on a mobile home
  • Examine multiple sources of funding for your mobile home investments, including self-directed IRAs and alternative lenders
  • Discover how to “be the bank” and the potential benefits of owner financing
  • Discuss the steps involved in closing on your first mobile home
  • Analyze mobile home park listings to identify good things you can build upon and items that need to be changed
  • Explore creating a “hands off ” business system and the elements necessary to make it successful

Purchase Options:

Students have two options for purchasing this course:

  • Instructor Led Online Training + On Demand Video Training
  • On Demand Video Training Only