Trading Labs Unlimited

Where Good Traders Go to Become Great Traders

The Stock Market can be a dangerous place to experiment. That's why Elite Legacy Education brings you Trading Labs Unlimited.

Trading Labs Unlimited offers you a chance to expand your trading skills in a totally safe, yet powerful environment.

Study Trading Outcomes in a Unique "No Risk" Zone

Better than any newsletter or tip sheet, Trading Labs Unlimited are once a week, 60-minute sessions led by an experienced trainer.

Each Trading Lab allows you to interact with your trainer and study how real trading strategies actually play out using that week's actual market conditions.

  • Experiment Safely with New Trading Strategies
  • Get Weekly Trading Tips & Tools
  • Expand Your Understanding of the Market

Build Your Trading "Know-How"

Each 60-minute session aims to help you:

  • TRADE SMARTER with Information on Trends, News Events & Upcoming Economic Reports
  • TRADE STRONGER with New Strategies & Tools
  • TRADE WITH MORE SELF-CONFIDENCE with Weekly Market Updates

A Weekly Workout to Increase Your Financial Fitness

We have a Trading Lab for every interest, including:

  • Market Open
  • Options Trading
  • Forex Trading
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Futures Trading

Trading Labs also offer:

  • Multiple Skill Levels - Introductory, Intermediate, & Advanced
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Opportunities to Network with Like-Minded Traders


  • You'll profit from a weekly Q&A session
  • Get Help with Your Specific Challenges
  • Network with Fellow Traders in Real Time


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  • No Long Term Commitment!
  • Access to 13 hours of trading labs each week
  • Attend trading labs of various levels and topics
  • Get your questions answered
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  • Access to 13 hours of trading labs each week
  • Attend trading labs of various levels and topics
  • Get your questions answered
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