Symposium Experience

We deliver our live, industry-leading elite trainings using a symposium model.

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Eleven months out of the year, we hold a live, immersive conference at a hotel in a major city in the US. We move the event to different cities to ensure we include the major regions of the country. On average, upwards of 300 students attend each symposium.

Our symposiums provide an exciting atmosphere conducive to accelerated learning and practical instruction. Symposiums offer an unmatched selection of specialized instruction in the areas of real estate investing, financial instruments investing and entrepreneurship. (Please check our Symposium calendar for a list of the specific courses being offered at each event.)

Typically, 7 intensive classes are offered at each Symposium. Each class is led by an experienced trainer selected because of their knowledge and practical experience in their area of expertise. Students receive in-depth training with roughly 18 hours of total classroom instruction. Plenty of time is given to answering questions and one-on-one interaction with the instructors.

Special guests and noted experts are often invited to conduct additional sessions. These special trainings are held during lunch breaks, after hours and occasionally a day before the official start of the Symposium.

One of the most powerful elements of the Symposium experience is the ability for students to network, create mastermind groups and develop friendships with like-minded individuals.

Success as an investor and entrepreneur is a journey. Our goal at Legacy Education is to help you each step of the way.