Inner Circle Mentorship Package

Inner Circle Mentorship (ICM*) - The Telephone Mentorship product is developed to provide investors at any level, personalized, highly action-orientated and real-life one-on-one help to achieve investment goals. This program is designed to take any student, regardless of their experience, to the point where they can analyze & execute investment strategies that best meet their personal investment goals. The Telephone Mentorship sessions will be conducted one-on-one over the phone with one of our Telephone Mentors. Phone Mentoring Sessions will be 45 minutes and take place weekly over the purchased number of consecutive weeks. You will also have an additional 30 days contact with your mentor from the date of your last session.


Momentum: A Roadmap for Your Real Estate Business (On-Demand Training)

This training is designed to help you understand the key factors that are essential to building a successful real estate investing business.

Beginner investor, you will acquire a deeper understanding of the nine pillars of real estate business success. Discovering this tested blueprint will help you get started the smart way, enabling you to build momentum in your business.

Course Objectives: 

  • Accessing your financial starting point
  • Discovering tested investment vehicles
  • Protecting your assets through proper business structures
  • Acquiring relevant market knowledge to increase your odds of success
  • Developing marketing to fuel your business pipeline
  • Fundamentals of evaluating opportunities
  • Understanding multiple funding opportunities
  • Assembling your power team
  • Establishing systems and implementing an action plan

On-Demand Training - On-Demand(s) are available 24/7 accessible in the student portal. The training topics are modular based and include a PDF manual.

Accountability Specialist - The Accountability Specialist provides six, 30-minute, one-to-many online sessions. The sessions are weekly for six weeks to help you get started with setting goals, building your power team, outlining your business and getting to know your market. Your Accountability Specialist will help you define the process to make an offer and develop the action plan towards your investing goals. 

Asset Protection – The Asset Protection Superpack is a 12 month program conducted by the Anderson Business Advisors. This program is designed to provide you with personalized information and direction on how to protect your business. You will develop an asset protection blueprint and have 3 months of Platinum Service to access Anderson’s attorneys.

Training Duration: 3 months from the date of purchase

3 Months of Access to On-demand Training
6 Accountability Sessions- 1 per week
6 Inner Circle Mentoring (ICM)

*Course requirement:  Need to have completed the Momentum course before moving forward with the Inner Circle Mentorship.


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