Options II


Formerly Known As Spread Trader

In the Option II course master the strategies used by trading pros. In addition, benefit from a wealth of tactics that can be used in any market condition.

This training utilizes a system that reveals the trading secrets of the pros. The techniques and strategies are designed to minimize risks while increasing rewards.

Our trainers will teach you how to:

  • Master bi-directional trading, and profit if a stock goes up or down
  • Measure and control the effects of time decay, volatility, and underlying price movement
  • Learn the mechanics of order entry, position sizing, and exit strategy
  • Exploit the most popular option trading platforms
  • Rotate strategies and stocks as market conditions shift
  • Capitalize on news events
  • Pull together different stocks and strategies to start building a system
  • Trade and manage calendar spreads, vertical spreads, straddles/strangles, and much more

Join us and learn how to maximize your time and capital.  Our experienced trainers will teach you how you can master different strategies to help fulfill your goals of becoming an independent and confident trader.

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Students have two options for purchasing this course:

  • Instructor Led Online Training + On Demand Video Training
  • On Demand Video Training Only - 1 Year Access