Real Estate Elite Onsite Mentor


The Elite Mentor Program is for those who seek the highest level of success in real estate investing. It is an exciting and unique program designed to give you one-on-one guidance in a highly concentrated manner you won’t find anywhere else.

You will be matched with a mentor who has real world experience in your area of interest. Our mentors specialize in teaching highly motivated students the latest techniques. Your mentor will take you step-by-step through our system of evaluating, buying, or controlling properties — all in your hometown or desired investment location! 

Mentoring is a particularly valuable program for students who have attended two or more elite training classes. The program is tailored to meet your specific goals, needs, and interests. You  will receive personal attention based on your specific opportunities and challenges. The one-on-one guidance you receive will help you move your business forward and take your career to the next level.

Category: Mentoring, Real Estate

Type: Mentoring