Futures And Commodities Trading (FACT)


Welcome to the most diversified trading instrument in the financial world. The futures arena has experienced unparalleled expansion with the growth of the global economy. At last, financial products have been created with you the trader in mind to fit your busy and demanding lifestyle. Imagine being able to trade almost twenty-four hours per day, Sunday through Friday, on a single electronic exchange. Participating in markets that include: Commodities (Corn, Wheat, Sugar), Currencies (Euro, Pound, US Dollar), Energy (Crude Oil, Natural Gas), Metals (Gold, Silver), and Stock Indexes (S & P, Dow, NASDAQ).

Course Objectives:
  • Understand futures contracts and how they work in different markets
  • Learn eight setups including entry, exit and trade management techniques
  • Build confidence forecasting price movement using Elliott Wave and Fibonacci principles
  • Identify various market conditions (trend versus non-trend days) and determine which setups to utilize
  • Apply account management rules based on risk of ruin principles
  • Gain an understanding of margin and leverage as it pertains to the various futures products
  • Develop processes vital to creating personal trading rules and plans inherent to the different futures markets
  • Identify continuation and reversal price patterns including entry, exit and price projections
  • Learning to understand 24 hour market characteristics and the global markets
  • Apply the above strategies to E-mini markets

Purchase Details:

  • Includes 1 year of access to On Demand for this course.