Options I


Formerly Known As Cash Flow Options

Have you ever asked yourself, "Where can I learn, step-by-step, how to make high probability investments with limited risk?" If so, then Options I is for you!

In Options I, you will learn 11 different strategies that, used alone or in combination, can build wealth regardless of market direction. You will be introduced to techniques that provide cheaper and lower risk alternatives to buying stock.  Detailed explanations of order entry, exit, and position sizing are discussed – all those “little” details that most books leave out.  You will see implementation of all strategies using the latest technology and trading platforms. 

Nothing in the market is a "sure thing." But, you can take back control using the strategies and techniques covered in Options I.

While at the Options I Training you'll learn how to:

  • Take advantage of selling time
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of order entry/exit, the mechanics of trading options
  • Create profit potential no matter what the market does — even if it goes nowhere
  • How to determine probability of success prior to trade entry
  • Master how to trade spreads to create higher profits and minimize risk
  • Create consistent cash flow and profits
  • Increase the profit potential in your retirement accounts
  • Leverage your capital while limiting liability
  • Enter/exit trades, calculate proper position size, and select the right strategy
  • Utilize volatility to make higher probability trades

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Students have two options for purchasing this course:

  • Instructor Led Online Training + On Demand Video Training
  • On Demand Video Training Only - 1 Year Access